We have launched an equity crowdfunding investment campaign at CapitalCell.es! The objective of this bridge round is to raise 1.6 M €, to increase the value of the company by finalizing the industrialization of our portfolio’s first product and performing the last preclinical experiments to validate our technology, in animals. Furthermore, these funds will help Aortyx to reach the First in Human by 2022.

We are proud to say that in just one week, Aortyx has raised already more than 1.000.000 €! This major event has been published by relevant national media such as La Vanguardia and La Razón.

Since our seed round in 2019, our assets have evolved spectacularly. Our first product is close to being completely industrialized and its preclinical tests are going to be finished very soon! This round has arrived with the perfect timing. Just a few weeks ago, Aortyx reached a very important milestone of its preclinical plan demonstrating, in animals, that the patch resists blood flow and stays adhered to the aorta for days. This great news really encourage us to keep working hard and engage as much as possible with everyone around us. For that reason, we want to give you the opportunity to invest in our project and become part of the solutions of the future!

It seems that the best is yet to come at Aortyx! Go check our campaign at Capitalcell.es and be a part of us!