The EIT Health Fellowship Network Alumni Showcase 2019 took place on November 6-7th in Lisbon, and Aortyx was there represented by Dr Júlia López Guimet. The EIT Health Fellowship Network is a strong and growing program family (Innovation Fellowships, Starship, and PhD Translational Fellowships) with a proven track record of creating impact and actively targeting the key challenges in healthcare: better patient care, improved population health, and reduced cost. Particularly, the EIT Health Innovation Fellowship Network Alumni Showcase is an annual event where the top alumni showcase their extraordinary success (both entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial) that have come out of the various needs-led innovation programs in EIT Health. The event was held at the Pavilhão do Conhecimento – Centro de Ciência Viva, the largest and most emblematic science center in Portugal, in conjunction with Web Summit 2019 (“The best technology conference on the planet” - Forbes).

The event brought alumni, industry representatives, investors, program management, and EIT Health representatives together to network and learn about what is next on the healthcare innovation horizon. Several inspiring talks were held by Daniel Mogefors, Dr Ursula Mühle, Magdalena Rosenmöller and Peter Kelly; and Aortyx was able to get a glance of the flourishing European health start-up ecosystem by attending the pitch sessions of the Innostars Headstart awardees (Delox, SensoriumLab, SkinSoul, Mindlenses Professional, and others), the Starship fellows and the successfully established start-ups arisen from ET Health’s programs (Loop Diagnostics, NUA Surgical, Breaz, and others). This gathering was an excellent opportunity to share thoughts and first-hand experience on the healthcare innovation sector.