Legal Notice

  1. Ownership of the Web Page

    This website - (the “Website”) - is operated by Aortyx, S.L. (“Aortyx”), a Spanish company holder of Tax ID number B-67306423, registered in the Commercial Registry of Barcelona at volume 46641, page 127, sheet 526329, and with registered office at calle La Vinya 9 B, 08329, Teià (Barcelona).

    Aortyx provides the Users of the Website with the e-mail address, so that they can address any queries they may have regarding this Legal Notice.

  2. Use of the Website

    This legal notice (“Legal Notice”) establishes the conditions that govern the use of the Website by the users and the text, software, databases, formats, documents, graphics briefings, photographs, articles, press releases, written works and other materials that may be published in the Website (content). The aspects relating to the treatment of the personal data of users that navigate Website are regulated in the Privacy Policy.

    The access and use of the Website assume that the User of the Website (“User”) fully accepts and undertakes to fully comply with this Legal Notice and the Privacy Policy, as well as the instructions or recommendations for each specific case.

    When using the Website, the User must always comply with all applicable laws of its jurisdiction. The User shall not use the Website to advertise or market any third-party products, services, solutions, or technologies. If the User infringes this Legal Notice, the access to the Website may be terminated immediately and without previous notice.

    Access to the Website is free, except with regard to the cost of the Internet connection through the User’s access provider.

    Aortyx reserves the right to carry out, at any time and without prior notice, modifications and updates of the Website and its contents, configuration and presentation, including this Legal Notice. We recommend reading this before each access to and navigation through the Website.

    The User agrees not to use the Website for fraudulent purposes, and not to carry out any conduct that could damage the image, interests and rights of Aortyx or third parties, with the commitment to use the Website, and the services and contents included, in a diligent, correct and lawful manner. In particular, the User agrees to refrain from: deleting, ignoring or manipulating the ‘copyright’ and other identifying data of the rights of the copyright owners incorporated into the contents of the Website, as well as the technical protection measures, or any reporting mechanisms that might include such content. Furthermore, the User agrees not to take any action that damages, destroys or overloads the Website, or prevent, in any way, the normal use and operation of the Website.

    The failure to comply with this Legal Notice, or in the event that Aortyx reasonably suspects that there has been a breach, Aortyx reserves the right to restrict, suspend or terminate that User´s access to the Website, adopting any technical measures necessary to that end.

  3. Intellectual and Industrial Property

    Unless otherwise expressly stated, the intellectual property rights on content layout of the Website (including sui generis rights on the database), graphic design (look & feel), distinctive features (trademarks and trade names), the underlying computer programs (including source codes), as well as the different elements making up the Website (texts, graphics, photographs, videos, etc.) belong to Aortyx, or Aortyx has the right to use and exploit them, and in this sense constitute works protected by the intellectual and industrial property legislation in force.

    The use of the Website does not in any way involve the transfer of Aortyx’ intellectual and/or industrial property rights in the Website, its contents and/or distinctive features of Aortyx. To this effect, by means of this Legal Notice, the User is expressly forbidden from the reproduction, transformation, distribution, public communication, making available, extraction and/or reuse of the Website, its contents or the distinctive features of Aortyx.

    In particular, the reproduction of elements or contents on the Website with the aim of profiting or for commercial purposes is expressly and strictly prohibited.

  4. Limitations of Liability

    The content of this Website is provided for general information purposes only and does not constitute professional advice in any specific area. We do not accept any responsibility for any loss which may arise from reliance on any content published on this Website or arising from the access or use of this Website.  Please contact Aortyx in the event that you wish to find out more about any content on this Website.

    The Users acknowledge and accept that the use of the Website is carried out at all times entirely under their risk and responsibility. Aortyx is not responsible for the misuse or abuse made of the Website. For this purpose, Aortyx will only be liable for damages that the User may suffer from the use of the Website when those damages are directly related to a fraudulent or intentional action of Aortyx and should be assumed by Aortyx under the legislation in force.

    In particular, Aortyx will not be responsible for:

    The content of the websites accessed through the links included on the Website. In this regard, the terms set out in Section 5 of the present Legal Notice will apply.
    Damages of any kind caused to the computer equipment of the User caused by viruses, worms, Trojans or other harmful elements. The User acknowledges that the use of the Internet entails the assumption of a risk that their computer equipment may be affected by the elements listed above. For this purpose, the availability of the adequate tools for the detection and removal of malicious electronic programs is under the responsibility of the User.
    Damages of any kind produced to the User that cause malfunctions or disconnection of telecommunications networks that lead to the suspension, cancellation or interruption of the service of the Website prior to or during the Website´s use. In this regard, the User acknowledges that access to the Website requires services provided by third parties outside the control of Aortyx (i.e. operators of telecommunications networks, access providers, etc.) whose reliability, quality, continuity and operation does not correspond to Aortyx.
    The addition of content to the Website does not constitute, in any manner, the provision of a professional service. The information found in the contents of the Website is insufficient for decision-making of any nature. Therefore, the information contained on the Website cannot be considered an alternative to professional advice, and Aortyx discourages the user make decisions on the basis of the information contained in the contents of the Website without obtaining proper professional advice.

  5. Links

    The Website may include links that allow the User to access other pages and Internet portals (“Linked Sites”). To this end, Aortyx will only be responsible for the content and services provided on the Linked Sites to the extent of their knowledge of wrongfulness and failure to deactivate the link exercising due diligence. In the event that the User considers that there is a Linked Site with unlawful or inappropriate content, please inform Aortyx through In no way will this communication constitute an obligation to remove the link.

    The existence of Linked Sites does not in any way imply that Aortyx has effective knowledge of any of the services and contents of those websites in the case of illegality, or has necessarily maintained agreements with the managers or owners of the Linked Sites. Likewise, Linked Sites do not imply the existence of a recommendation, promotion, identification or Aortyx conformity with the statements, content or services provided on the Linked Sites. As a result, Aortyx is not responsible for the content of the Linked Sites or their terms of use and privacy policies, and the User is responsible for checking and accepting them each time the User accesses and uses the Linked Sites.

    The User and, in general, any natural or legal person who intends to establish a link from their website to the Portal, must obtain prior permission in writing from Aortyx. The establishment of such link does not imply the existence of a relationship between Aortyx and the owner of the website, nor the acceptance or approval by Aortyx of its contents or services.

    In any case, Aortyx reserves the right to prohibit or disable at any time the links to the Website, especially in the case of wrongfulness of the activity or contents of the Linked Site.

  6. Miscellaneous 

    6.1. No Waiver and Severability. If any provision of this Legal Notice is determined by a court of competent jurisdiction to be invalid or unenforceable, such determination shall not affect the validity or enforceability of any other part or provision of them. The failure of either Party to partially or fully exercise any right shall not prevent the subsequent exercise of such right. The waiver by either party of any breach shall not be deemed a waiver of any subsequent breach of the same or any other term.

    In the event that a provision contained in this Legal Notice is declared void, Aortyx will remove or replace that provision. The declaration of invalidity of a provision does not affect the validity of the remaining provisions contained in this Legal Notice.
    6.2. Governing Law. The use of the Website is governed and interpreted in accordance with Spanish law and by using the Site the Users are indicating their agreement that, unless otherwise provided by a mandatory provision of law, any dispute or litigation arising between the User and Aortyx will be submitted to the courts of the city of Barcelona (Spain), waiving any other venue which may apply.

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