As the project evolves, the team does coherently.

Aortyx has added four members to the team: a Project Manager, two research scientists and an engineering intern.

Our new Project Manager is Dr. Verena Blume, a Biologist with vast experience in creating scientific content and science communication to audiences with different backgrounds. She is responsible for grants management and media communications.

Germán Febas joins the team as Research Scientist. Germán, soon-to-be PhD in Bioengineering, has significant experience in biomaterials and development of medical devices. As a specialist in electrospinning, he will support the team in all tasks related to patch and adhesive manufacturing.

Dr. Inés Moreno will join the team in September. Inés has extensive experience in tissue regeneration, tissue engineering and imaging. After two very successful post-docs at Max Planck and Queensland, she joins Aortyx as a Research Scientist to work on the biological response to our patches.

Francesc Canalejo is an Undergraduate in Mechanical Engineering who has performed a verysuccessful internship in the Engineering Department. He has rapidly integrated and contributed to optimising our deployment system. We hope he comes back after his Erasmus in Politecnico de Milano.

We are grateful for the labour developed by Idan Bar-Shay and Bruno Perales. We wish them the best in their coming career challenges!