13 October, 2021

Strengthening a high performance, motivated and committed Aortyx team

The European Commission business coach Julio Marco Barroso has shared a full day coaching session with the Aortyx’ team.

Julio is one of the European Top 3 Business Coaches with over 13 years of experience advising senior managers and teams of multinational healthcare companies in developing organizational capabilities and executive skills. He has worked as a business coach with more than 100 companies for the SME Instrument H2020 and has been General Secretary of the International Coach Federation Spain.

The Aortyx team had the pleasure to deeply explore its corporative culture, shared vision, organizational values with Julio and work on the team’s lineup in terms of objectives and values. 

26 April, 2021

Thank you for trusting AORTYX! We have reached 2.4 M € in 1 month with our crowdfunding campaign at Capital Cell

Aortyx is on fire! We have successfully closed our crowdfunding campaign at Capital Cell. We are really honored to receive the trust of more than 500 investors that have supported us through the last month.

This major event is the first of a huge milestone domino effect. The most immediate milestone is the finalization of our first product’s pre-clinical experiments. Consecutively, in 2022, the First In Human (FIH) trials will begin in Spain. Then, we will be just a few steps away from helping thousands of aortic dissection patients and vascular surgeons.

Besides, Aortyx has recently entered the MedLim program initiated by Medtronic and LIOF, together with Medace BV, and imec. In this program, we will be working with the most relevant experts of the medical device industry to accelerate the development of our first product.

The path awaiting Aortyx is tedious, nonetheless we are encouraged and excited to get as much involved as possible. Let`s go for it!

Thank you for trusting Aortyx!

23 March, 2021

Be part of the solutions of the future, we need 1,6 M € to reach the First In Human!

We have launched an equity crowdfunding investment campaign at CapitalCell.es! The objective of this bridge round is to raise 1.6 M €, to increase the value of the company by finalizing the industrialization of our portfolio’s first product and perform the last preclinical experiments to validate our technology, in animals. Furthermore, these funds will help Aortyx to reach the First in Human by 2022.

We are proud to say that in just one week, Aortyx has raised already more than 1.000.000 €! This major event has been published by relevant national media such as La Vanguardia and La Razón.

Since our seed round in 2019, our assets have evolved spectacularly. Our first product is close from being completely industrialized and its preclinical tests are going to be finished very soon! this round has arrived with the perfect timing. Just few weeks ago, Aortyx reached a very important milestone of its preclinical plan demonstrating, in animals, that the patch resists blood flow and stays adhered to the aorta for days. These great news really encourage us to keep working hard and engage as much as possible everyone around us. For that reason, we want to give you the opportunity to invest in our project and become part of the solutions of the future!

Seems that the best is yet to come at Aortyx! Go check our campaign at Capitalcell.es and be a part of us!

30 September, 2020

Aortyx wins the Àlex Casta First Edition Awards

We are proud to be the winners of the Àlex Casta Awards First Edition. These awards are a joint initiative by the biomedical ecosystem in memory of Dr. Àlex Casta, a well-renowned professional in the Catalan healthcare and Life Sciences sector who sadly left us in December 2018 due to a fatal aortic dissection.

Aortyx was selected among twenty-eight projects according to their innovation, social impact and potential market by the Evaluation Committee. The selected five finalists, Aortyx amongst them, were invited to give a pitch presentation during the presentation of the BioRegion Report last September 28th in Barcelona, and the event was highly followed in live streaming. Our CEO, Dr. Martorell, presented a very exciting five minutes’ pitch about Aortyx disruptive strategy of changing the paradigm of endovascular repair in aortic dissection.

Aortyx was ultimately selected as the winner of a fierce competition in which all the projects presented were exciting and innovative. We were extremely pleased to receive this award in the shape of a commemorative trophy and a free 1-year subscription to the CataloniaBio & HealthTech Association. Moreover, this trophy has given Aortyx a greater visibility in the communication channels of Genesis BioMed, as well as the prestige of being selected amongst the most successful, cutting-edge and innovative projects in the sector.

Aortyx follows Àlex Casta’s signature: individual and team effort, integrity, and passion. We will continue to endeavour our efforts to bring our strategy to the clinic, and hence have a greater impact in society, like Àlex Casta did. 

1 July, 2020

New recruits

As the project evolves, the team does coherently.

Aortyx has added four members to the team: a Project Manager, two research scientists and an engineering intern.

Our new Project Manager is Dr. Verena Blume, a Biologist with vast experience in creating scientific contents and science communication to audiences with different backgrounds. She is in responsible for grants management and media communications.

Germán Febas joins the team as Research Scientist. Germán, soon-to-be PhD in Bioengineering, has significant experience in biomaterials and development of medical devices. As a specialist in electrospinning, he will support the team in all tasks related to patch and adhesive manufacturing.

Dr. Inés Moreno will join the team in September. Inés has extensive experience in tissue regeneration, tissue engineering and imaging. After two very successful post-docs at Max Planck and Queensland, she joins Aortyx as a Research Scientist to work on the biological response to our patches.

Francesc Canalejo is an Undergraduate in Mechanical Engineering who has performed a verysuccessful internship in the Engineering Department. He has rapidly integrated and contributed to optimising our deployment system. We hope he comes back after his Erasmus in Politecnico de Milano.

We are grateful for the labour developed by Idan Bar-Shay and Bruno Perales. We wish them the best in their coming career challenges!

25 June, 2020

Aortyx and IQS receive the Retos-Colaboración grant

The Spanish Government supports R&D companies and research centers through different programs within the Plan Estatal de Investigación Científica y Técnica y de Innovación 2017-2020.

Aortyx and IQS continue to partner in the development of our new generation of endovascular devices to treat aortic diseases. The Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación has granted more than 750k€ in a grant-loan combined funding scheme. The grant is a new demonstration of the project’s strength, relevance, and reputation within the Spanish ecosystem.

The grant will secure IP protection, results dissemination, regulatory progress and will support the addition of more staff to both IQS and Aortyx to continue delivering better solutions to aortic disease patients.

15 June, 2020

Noemí Balà finalist of the “Explain your thesis in 4 minutes” competition

The Fundació Catalana per a la Recerca i la Innovació (FCRI) and 11 Catalan universities organize the competition “Explain your thesis in 4 minutes”. With the support of the Catalan Government, this event contributes both to promote research spreading and turn back science to society.

It is focused on PhD candidates who are challenged to explain their investigation to a general audience in a maximum time of 4 minutes with a plain vocabulary and easy to understand structure.

Noemí Balà, co-founder of Aortyx, presented her thesis “Disseny d'un dispositu mèdic pel tractament de les disseccions aòrtiques” won the Universitat Ramón Llull (URL) semifinal and represented the URL at the Final competition on June 25th, 2020. Find the presentation here: 

10 June, 2020

Aortyx, semi-finalist in the EIT Health Catapult

The European Institute of Innovation & Technology (EIT) launched Catapult, its flagship pitch competition and training program. Aortyx has been selected as one of the 14 medtech startups that will compete at the semi-final.

Catapult offers prizes to the winners of the competition, but also high-quality pitch and business training to facilitate access to international investors. We aim at using the training to win the competition and attract leading experts and international investors.

1 June, 2020

CaixaImpulse Consolidate funds endovascular patches for aortic diseases

Bioabsorvable endovascular patch research project from Institut Químic de Sarrià (IQS) has been awarded with one of CaixaImpulse Consolidate grant among the 40 European research projects presented. This programme, promoted by the “La Caixa” Banking Foundation, drives the transformation of scientific knowledge into services, products, or businesses that create value in society. 

Our CEO, Dr. Martorell has led this project since 2015 at Vascular Engineering and Applied Biomedicine group at IQS. Along with the rest of the project’s core team: Dr. Riambau, Dr. Borrós, and our CTO Ms. Balà, they are focused is transferring innovative technology applied to vascular diseases.

CaixaImpulse Validate 2017 was cornerstone to transform this research project into a spin-off, Aortyx, so we expect CaixaImpulse Consolidate to be cornerstone to reach clinical stage. This recognition reinforces the research project’s strength and disruptive innovation solution for aortic diseases through the collaboration between IQS and Aortyx.

The 24 months’ fund will be assigned to Non-GLP development to reach design freeze before starting GLP development towards the clinical experimentation with the First in Human trials. Meanwhile, it will be need to secure funding IP costs and production.

CaixaImpulse Consolidate, which grants up to 300k€ and mentoring training, will help to continue to fix the patch commercialisation objective in 2024.


The ultimate solution for aortic diseases

The ultimate solution for aortic diseases

The ultimate solution for aortic diseases

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