13 September, 2022

Aortyx presents the last advances of its novel vascular adhesive

The 22nd edition of the SITE symposium, organized by the Endovascular Foundation, took place in Santiago de Compostela the 5th and 6th of September. This congress focused specially on Peripheral and Aortic endovascular Hot Topics, a well-suited scenario for the devices that Aortyx is developing. Within this nourishing environment, our fellow research scientist, Pau Teixidó, presented the last advances of the Aortyx’ vascular adhesive. The presentation was very well received by de vascular surgery community, that provided their inputs and thoughts.  Besides of the opportunity to disseminate the Aortyx’ developments, this congress has been a great occasion to foster our relations with the vascular community. 

Thanks to the SITE symposium and the whole vascular community for making room for Aortyx once more! See you at the VEITH Symposium in November!

2 June, 2022

Aortyx will attend the most important worldwide vascular congresses

Las month, our CTO and our CMO attended the 2022 Charing Cross Symposium (CX) organized in London, one of the most important international vascular congresses. This symposium is of great interest to Aortyx, as it brings together education, evidence and innovation related to the cardiovascular field. Our fellow colleagues attended different talks about visualization systems, aortic dissections, aortic aneurysms, and other relevant vascular topics. Besides, CX has been a great opportunity to retake the contact with many members of our network and build up new relations, as it has been the first congress that Aortyx has attended since the beginning of the pandemic.

CX has been the first congress of our calendar. Next week, Aortyx will attend the Leipzig Interventional Course (LINC) 2022 (6th-9th June), where Alejandro Aranda, Aortyx’ engineer, will be presenting our last catheter advances. Besides, we will attend the 25th European Vascular Course in Maastricht from the 12th to the 14th of June. Moreover, our team will be present in the SITE 2022 symposium that will take place in Santiago de Compostela during the 5th and 6th of September. Last but not least, Aortyx will be attending the VEITH Symposium 2022 that will take place in New York from the 15th to the 19th of November.

Stick around and do not miss the opportunity to know Aortyx better!

27 May, 2022

Aortyx’ CTO, Noemí Balà, successfully defends her doctoral thesis

Great news at Aortyx! Our CTO, Noemí Balà has successfully defended her doctoral thesis titled “Development of a bioresorbable patch to treat aortic dissection”. She has developed her thesis at the “Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science” at IQS School of Engineering. Noemí began developing the first prototypes of the patch during her master thesis, which was the initial proof of concept that has evolved to become the TRL 6 device that Aortyx is developing nowadays.

Noemí’s PhD has been co-directed by Dr. Jordi Martorell, CEO of Aortyx and coordinator of the GEVAB group (Vascular Engineering and Applied Biomedicine Group) and Dr. Salvador Borrós, CSO of Aortyx and coordinator of the GEMAT group (Materials Engineering Group). Together with Dr. Vicenç Riambau, Noemí, Jordi and Salvador co-founded Aortyx in 2018, right after Noemí started her PhD. 4 years later it is time to celebrate this important event and keep up the good work to get to the aortic dissection community the solution that they deserve!

Stay tuned, and do not miss the opportunity to know better Aortyx, and Noemí, as she will be presenting our project in the 2nd Annual Innovation in Vascular Surgery & Endovascular Therapies Award Webinar Friday 27th of May at 18:00 (GMT +2).

IQS Tech transfer news: Un pegat bioabsorbible per tractar la dissecció aòrtica - IQS

Registration to the 2nd Annual Innovation in Vascular Surgery & Endovascular Therapies Award Webinar: Inscripción al seminario web - Zoom

23 March, 2022

Aortyx welcomes newcomers to its scientific team

The Aortyx team is growing! We are happy to bring four new brilliant interns on board to our engineering division.

Alex Rivero is about to finish the double Degree in Industrial Engineering and Business Administration at IQS. He is in charge of industrializing the device that produces AX-GEN01’s stitches.

Àgata Roman is a student of the Marine Sciences and Technologies Degree at UPC. She has joined the simulations team to develop a computational simulation model to validate the permeability of the patch.

Bruno Perales, an Industrial Engineering Master’s student at IQS with a Degree in Economics, will focus his Master’s Thesis on simulating and prototyping new iterations of the AX-GEN01’s deployer.

Helena Xifra, is about to finish the double Degree in Biotechnology and Business Administration, and has joined the biomedicine team to work on the drug delivery platform (AX-GEN02) to prevent aneurysm progression.

Welcome to Aortyx!

17 December, 2021

Aortyx selected by the European Commission to receive €2.5M in funding

Aortyx has been awarded €2.5 million as “Grant First” through the EIC Accelerator program, funded by the European Commission, while doors remain open for another blended equity round in the foreseeable future. Link to the news alert by the European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency (EISMEA): https://europa.eu/!FBndyh 

The EIC Accelerator supports SMEs to scale up high impact innovations with the potential to create new markets or disrupt existing ones. The call is for innovations that cut across different scientific, technological, sectoral and application areas or represent novel combinations. Still, it importantly considers EU priorities for transitioning to a green, digital and healthy society, as well as the overall strategic planning for Horizon Europe, and the inputs of stakeholders, experts and the EIC pilot Advisory Board.

All applicants were assessed by experts in terms of Excellence (high degree of novelty and good timing in terms of market), Impact (to society and economy) and Level of Risk (team capacity to implement the innovation). Aortyx passed this first filter because of being considered a disruptive technology, having the potential to reach the market and a good commercialization strategy, and having risk and containment plans well defined. 

Finally, in the online interview, Aortyx was identified as adding value to one of the relevant areas for the EU in the current period: Strategic Digital and Health Technologies. Focusing on our pipeline’s first product, the AX-GEN01, Aortyx developed a strategy to complete the regulatory tests, put in motion the quality management system, finalize manufacturing and start First-in-Human trials. The EIC Accelerator program support will be essential to reach those critical objectives.

Noemí Balà and Jordi Martorell, co-founders of Aortyx, preparing for the Step 3 telematic Interview phase.

AX-GEN01 is intended to be a technological breakthrough that will be game-changing for Aortic Dissection patients. This disruptive device, consisting of a bioresorbable patch that adheres to the aortic tear plugging the leak and integrating into the aorta’s tissue, is the core of our company. Thanks to the European Commission support, we are proud and hopeful to give a better life to aortic disease patients.

Thanks, once again, to believe in Aortyx!

1 December, 2021

Aortyx is one of the 10 finalists of EPiC HK Elevator Pitch competition

Aortyx was one of the 10 finalists of the Elevator Pitch Competition (EPiC), organized by the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP). This exciting tech start-up challenge invites hundreds of small technologic companies to share their case through an “elevator pitch”. Aortyx earned a US$ 6,000 prize.

An “elevator pitch” is a summary of the start-up’s business model, ideally delivered in a short time but compelling enough to get a follow-up meeting from a potential investor or collaborator. Since 2016, the HKSTP has used this tool to create an international event that has scaled up, attracting significant attention. 

This year, the EPiC competition allowed winning up to US$ 100k with a 60 seconds elevator pitch, besides giving the opportunity to meet potential business partners and investors individually and attend intensive training.

More than 600 start-ups from 40 different countries participated, and more than 1500 business leaders, entrepreneurs and investors attended. It is a big success for Aortyx to be honoured by being amongst the Top10 winners companies, taking innovation to new heights.

EPiC competition logo, by HKSTP.

25 November, 2021

Carlos Delso represents Aortyx at the SME Assembly 2021 in Slovenija

Carlos Delso, Aortyx' Head of Regulatory Affairs, represented Aortyx as a Catalan small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) at the most significant event for  SMEs in Europe, the SME Assembly 2021.

The 2021 SME Assembly was held from November 15th to 17th in Portovoz, Slovenija, organized by the European Comission together with the Slovenian Presidency of the Council of the EU. The assembly featured a combination of high-level panels and interviews, expert roundtables, interactive workshops, informative masterclasses, and innovative networking opportunities for small and medium-sized enterprises. Finalizing the conference, members from the European Economic and Social Committee concluded that economic recovery depends on the successful adaptation of SMEs and that the SME policy should focus on digitalization, sustainability and the effort to promote the entrepreneurial spirit.

Carlos Delso, Aortyx’ Director of Regulatory Affairs, presenting at 2021 SME Assembly.

Our Regulatory Affairs Director was invited to attend the assembly alongside with the Biocat delegation and had the opportunity to present the Aortyx’ business case to illustrate the threats for startups and small companies. In his own words, “European startups with potential novel technologies are sinking due to timelines and costs” and “research and innovation advance faster than regulations so potential innovative solutions may not reach the EU market, thus slowing down European progress”, suggesting the need of a new regulatory interaction platform to speed up or adapt to small business’ dialogues. Besides, prolific contacts were made with high profiles from the European regulatory space, which will lead to a bottom-up collaboration with Aortyx to improve the interaction with competent authorities and clearer regulatory pathways for novel technologies or materials.

25 November, 2021

The Torres Quevedo program selects Dr. Inés Moreno

Dr Inés Moreno, our brilliant Research Scientist, has been awarded the Torres Quevedo fellowship, under Grant number PTQ2020-011126, funded by MCIN/AEI/ 10.13039/501100011033 and NextGenerationEU/PRTR.

The Torres Quevedo program, funded by the Spanish Agencia Estatal de Investigación and the European Next Generation Instrument, aids recognised PhD researchers to develop industrial research projects for three years. This programme stimulates the employment of high profile personnel sufficiently prepared to undertake R&D plans and projects and helps consolidate recently created technology companies.

Dr. Moreno (left) sharing the latest result of an experiment at the lab.

Dr Moreno joined Aortyx as a postdoctoral researcher in 2020 to develop AX-GEN02, which focuses on treating aortic aneurysms by combining the Aortyx’ patches with drugs to revert pro-aneurysmal processes. Her PhD thesis in Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine, conducted at the University of Southampton (UK) and Linköping University (Sweden), led to two published papers and one review in high impact factor journals. She continued contributing to the development and understanding of in vivo models for regenerative medicine in the Institute of Health and Biomedical Innovation at QUT (Australia) and the Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces (Germany). Her extensive experience supports her deep background in in vitro and in vivo testing of biomaterials in angiogenesis beyond the current state of the art.

13 October, 2021

Strengthening a high performance, motivated and committed Aortyx team

The European Commission business coach Julio Marco Barroso has shared a full day coaching session with the Aortyx’ team.

Julio is one of the European Top 3 Business Coaches with over 13 years of experience advising senior managers and teams of multinational healthcare companies in developing organizational capabilities and executive skills. He has worked as a business coach with more than 100 companies for the SME Instrument H2020 and has been General Secretary of the International Coach Federation Spain.

The Aortyx team had the pleasure to deeply explore its corporative culture, shared vision, organizational values with Julio and work on the team’s lineup in terms of objectives and values. 

26 April, 2021

Thank you for trusting AORTYX! We have reached 2.4 M € in 1 month with our crowdfunding campaign at Capital Cell

Aortyx is on fire! We have successfully closed our crowdfunding campaign at Capital Cell. We are really honored to receive the trust of more than 500 investors that have supported us through the last month.

This major event is the first of a huge milestone domino effect. The most immediate milestone is the finalization of our first product’s pre-clinical experiments. Consecutively, in 2022, the First In Human (FIH) trials will begin in Spain. Then, we will be just a few steps away from helping thousands of aortic dissection patients and vascular surgeons.

Besides, Aortyx has recently entered the MedLim program initiated by Medtronic and LIOF, together with Medace BV, and imec. In this program, we will be working with the most relevant experts of the medical device industry to accelerate the development of our first product.

The path awaiting Aortyx is tedious, nonetheless we are encouraged and excited to get as much involved as possible. Let`s go for it!

Thank you for trusting Aortyx!


The ultimate solution for aortic diseases

The ultimate solution for aortic diseases

The ultimate solution for aortic diseases

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