ACCIO (Generalitat de Catalunya) promoted an ambitious mission for empowered female founders and leaders of emerging start-ups based in Catalonia to conquer New York City. The company selection process was very competitive due to the incredible ecosystem of Catalan emerging companies. Luckily, Aortyx was one of the selected start-ups that participated in the program.

After months and great efforts from ACCIO teams in Barcelona and New York and the startups, the mission took place at the end of November. Aortyx was represented by their CTO, Noemí Balà, who used the mission to connect with potential investors and introduce Aortyx in the NYC ecosystem, but also to increase her visibility and continue fighting for genre equality.

New York has a great entrepreneurial atmosphere with more than 9000 start-ups in different sectors and hundreds of enterprise accelerators as well as co-working spaces. Noemí met with a number of empowered women who work in the most influential companies in the world. She and the mission attended the Tech Up for Women event in New York, an event qualified as Top Five Most Insipiring Conferences of 2018 by Forbes. Our co-founder presented Aortyx, along with nine other Catalan female entrepreneurs in the fields of big data, AI, biotechnology and fashion.

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