Aortyx is on fire! We have successfully closed our crowdfunding campaign at Capital Cell. We are really honored to receive the trust of more than 500 investors that have supported us through the last month.

This major event is the first of a huge milestone domino effect. The most immediate milestone is the finalization of our first product’s pre-clinical experiments. Consecutively, in 2022, the First In Human (FIH) trials will begin in Spain. Then, we will be just a few steps away from helping thousands of aortic dissection patients and vascular surgeons.

Besides, Aortyx has recently entered the MedLim program initiated by Medtronic and LIOF, together with Medace BV, and imec. In this program, we will be working with the most relevant experts of the medical device industry to accelerate the development of our first product.

The path awaiting Aortyx is tedious, nonetheless we are encouraged and excited to get as much involved as possible. Let`s go for it!

Thank you for trusting Aortyx!