New year, new incorporation to our team! On January 8th a new member was added to our crew. Idan Bar-Shay is the new preclinical and clinical manager at Aortyx. He is well experienced in adhering to clinical protocols, training medical staff, and helping to identify and monitor company’s needs. 

He studied at the University of Haifa from 2006 to 2009 a Bachelor of Biological Sciences, and then obtained the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (2010-2014) degree from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. 

His work experience began as a Veterinary Technician in 2012. In 2016, he joined Boston Biomedical Associates in Israel, focused on clinical studies preparation, development and submission. He also implemented medical research methods for collecting high-quality quantitative and qualitative data. 

He came to Barcelona in 2018 to join Anaconda Biomed as a clinical specialist in Anaconda BioMed, where he was engaged in protocols, clinical staff training and investigation, before joining Aortyx. His background and experience make him an important addition to our team. We look forward for a successful venture.

Our most recent team member is Bruno Perales de Rocafiguera, a senior-year undergraduate in Mechanical Engineering who joined in March. He will be our intern for four months supporting the R&D engineering team, simulating and optimizing the behavior of our Nitinol deployer. We are happy to have him learning by our side and looking forward to his contribution.

Last but not least, Júlia López has accepted a new career opportunity and joined the project managing team at Oryzon Genomics. We wish her success in this new adventure!